Torben Snekkestad - Winds of Mouth


Torben Snekkestad – soprano sax, tenor sax, reed trumpet, slide trumpet, clarinet and water bowl


Winds of Mouth is an album composed by editing a series of improvisations – multi-tracking of Snekkestads instrumental arsenal of soprano and tenor saxophone, reed trumpet, slide trumpet and clarinet.

It is the first record in a solo music trilogy:

The trilogy “The Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape” is saxophone wizard Torben Snekkestad’s latest output. With these three solo albums, Snekkestad fully presents us to his unmistakable textural saxophone language.

It is the result of an artistic journey into the complex and captivating possibilities of the saxophone to produce multiple sonics simultaneously (multiphonics) and to unfold the possible poetics of these within the acoustic solo format. The main question Snekkestad asked himself in this process was:

‘What happens if the raw musical material, in the creation of a set of solo saxophone works, is based on the multiphonics only and what this material in itself suggest – unconcerned by any stylistic affiliation?’

This led Snekkestad to use underwater soundscapes as an inspiration for his acoustic explorations, an increased awareness of the complex multiple sonic’s intrinsic worth, and furthermore to make use of a hybrid instrument called ‘reed trumpet’. Experienced at the intersection of free improvisation and compositional praxis, these albums are further enriched through their deep immersion in extended techniques and subtle textural sonics. Although Snekkestad has played numerous solo concerts internationally, this is the first time his highly idiosyncratic solo playing is documented on record.

The trilogy is recorded and produced by Torben Snekkestad.

‘Winds of Mouth’ and ‘Plateau’ are mixed by Andreas Mjøs &
Torben Snekkestad audio mastering by Helge Sten at Audio Virus LAB ‘The Reed Trumpet’ is mixed and mastered by John Fomsgaard at Karma Crew.