Conic Folded


Torben Snekkestad – Saxophone, Clarinet
Jon Balke – Piano, Prepared piano
Jonas Westergaard – Bass


“Over the years, Snekkestad has explored vast areas of music in a conscious andopen-minded way. Exemplary projects within music of the baroque, contemporary music,rock, folk music and freejazz/improv. make up his diverse musical curriculum, and with Conic Folded, these threads are united on a focused, virtuosic and original musical journey.
With advanced playing techniques, intuitive improvisations, refined compositional use of structure, tone and form and a distinct poetic ear, Snekkestad earns himself a place
in the unbroken line of groundbreaking Norwegian saxophonists.
Conic Folded expresses intense, edgy sound and challenges the limits of
new jazz and contemporary music.
The album is released on ILK Records, the Copenhagen based indie record collective founded
in 2001 by a group of young, innovative performers on the city’s vibrant scene, and Conic Folded is a primary example of the label’s groundbreaking aspirations.
It is the ILK debut for Snekkestad, whose Norwegian roots and Copenhagen base
form the starting point for his continuous, startling efforts to expand musical territory.”