Gunnar Berg

Chamber Music Works with Piano

Signe Asmussen, mezzo-soprano
Arne Balk-Møller, violin
Per Morten Bye, trumpet
John Ehde, cello
Erik Kaltoft, piano
Kenneth Larsen, clarinet
Signe Madsen, violin
Søren Monrad, marimba
Torben Snekkestad, saxophone
Niels Ullner, cello

Gunnar Berg, composer


The Danish composer Gunnar Berg (1909-1989) was part of the international modernist milieu in post-war Europe, and his music has only recently become known and acknowledged in earnest in his native Denmark. This premiere recording of a number of Berg’s chamber music works with piano from the 1950s and 1960s offers unusual instrument combinations including saxophone, trumpet, bass clarinet and marimba; in addition, a mezzo-soprano sings in the major work Tøbrud (Thaw) from 1961: a piece whose title can now be said to have taken on symbolic meaning given the renewed interest in the composer.