Peter Bruun

Unintended Consequences

Søren Kjærgaard – Piano
Torben Snekkestad – Saxophone and clarinet
Jonas Westergaard – Bass
Eivind Lønning – Trumpet
Peter Bruun – Drums

“Incredibly slow and without intentions” is the formula of new compositions by Peter Bruun using graphical, dynamic and melodic guidelines as a startingpoint for improvisation and form creation.

“Incredibly slow”: through repetition and stagnation the music delves into the instrument and into simple dynamic possibilities. This brings focus to the slightest changes. A little becomes a lot.

“Without intentions”: the compositions provides merely a framework for the music in time, motive, idea, sound, tone rows, rhythmic and dynamic focus. Thereby Klokkespil deprives the composer of the decisive role in the completion of the music. The piece lasts about 1. hour.

”The consequences of an act may be unintended or intended. A state of affairs is an unintended consequence of an act if it results from the act, although it was not the aim of the act to bring about this state of affairs. An intended consequence of an act, on the other hand, reflects a will, plan, or desire to make a particular state of affairs obtain. Only conscious beings with complex mental states can have aims in this way. Tables and avalanches, for example, do not.”
– Esben Nedenskov Petersen

The album is a part of THE WHITE LABEL SERIES:

THE WHITE LABEL SERIES is a new vinyl series of ILK, where only 100 numbered LP issues of each release is available, no download or CD’s. All with handwritten linernotes, titel & artist. Unintended Consequences with compositions by Peter Bruun is the first issue in the series.

Available on LP / 100 ex only / no download