Torben Snekkestad – Saxophones
Anders Banke – Saxophones
Peter Bruun – Drums
Jonas Westergaard – Bass


Impro-jazzensemble SPRING are on their 2. release SLIDES wrestling 5 of the most visionary Danish contemporary composers.
The quartet SPRING asked a group of remarkable Danish classical composers to deliver musical sketches and ideas, and afterwards the band reworked and arranged the material without looking back. This has created a unique handful of musical tracks that challenges all definitions of genre as we know them.
The 5 contributing composers are Jexper Holmen, Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Simon Christensen, Jeppe Just Christensen and Peter Bruun.
Expect to hear sounds spanning from interplanetaric spheric whisper with echoes of microtonality, over crunchy rhythmical loops to energetic birds chirping, all carried by a current of subtle and daring creativity.
The musicians of SPRING are all active in a broad musical field, playing internationally with the likes of notable jazzmusicians Django Bates, Marc Ducret, John Tchicai and Barry Guy as well as Koichi Makigami, Danish rocksensation ’Murder’ and cutting-edge classical ensembles.