Three new solo albums!


I’m very happy to announce that my solo music trilogy

The Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape will be released on Friday 19th of February.

Although I have played numerous solo concerts internationally, this is the first time my solo playing is documented on record.


The Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape consist of the albums:




Listen to them here:

“The three albums are the result of an artistic research project into the complex and captivating possibilities of the saxophone to produce multiple sonics simultaneously (multiphonics) and to unfold the possible poetics of these within the acoustic solo format. The main question I have been asking myself in this process was: 

‘What happens if the raw musical material, in the creation of a set of solo saxophone works, is based on the multiphonics only and what this material in itself suggest – unconcerned by any stylistic affiliation?’ 

This led me to use underwater soundscapes as an inspiration for my acoustic explorations, an increased awareness of the complex multiple sonic’s intrinsic worth, and furthermore to make use of a hybrid instrument called ‘reed trumpet’. Experienced at the intersection of free improvisation and compositional praxis, these albums are further enriched through their deep immersion in extended techniques and subtle textural sonics.” 

Update slowness

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I`m very sorry that I have not maintained this news site in a while! BUT

The last year has been busy and packed with a lot of great projects with Barry Guy Blue Shroud Ensemble, the Living Room, Nate Wooley, Paal Nilssen Love, numerous solo concerts in New York and around Europe, composing for theater, presenting my research project in Graz, Belfast and London, collaboration with Maja S.K. Ratkje ETC……

The Living Room plays with The Norwegian Wind Ensemble

The Living Room have been invited to do a free improv. project with the open-minded and impressive musicians from The Norwegian Wind Ensemble.

We have been working intensively all week and will play a concert at “Jakob Kirken” on friday evening the 30th of May at 7pm.

The Living Room in Japan

Back from a great tour in Japan together with The Living Room & Koichi Makigami.

Makigami is a fantastic singer, sound maker, Theremin player among other things. If you don´t know his work, be sure to check him out:
He has inspired much of what has been going on at the avant garde scene in Japan the last 30 years and has also influent the scene in New York, having worked with John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Jim O`Rourke and others.

Here`s a video of The Living Room at Sakuraza in Kofu, Japan.