Kochi Makigami + THL

Koichi Makigami – vocal, theremin, trumpet
Torben Snekkestad – saxophones, reedtrumpet & electronics
Søren Kjærgaard – piano, keyboards & electronics
Thomas Strønen – drums & electronics


In this setting The Living Room forms a quartet together with the
japanese musician Koichi Makigami.
The band have toured several times in Denmark, Norway and Japan.

Makigami is a fantastic singer, sound maker, Theremin player among other things. If you don´t know his work, be sure to check him out: http://makigami.com
He has inspired much of what has been going on at the avant garde scene in Japan the last 30 years and has also influent the scene in New York, having worked with John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Jim O`Rourke and others.

The Living Room is a collaboration between some of the most promising musicians from the contemporary Nordic music scene. Their debut album “Still Distant Still”, released on ILK in 2011, converges various sounds and styles of play into a sonically vibrant field: a common ground shared by their curiosity to explore and expand the disciplines of both conventional and unconventional instrumental approaches.

Already headlined on a series of remarkable recordings and performances with artists such as Christian Fennesz, Barry Guy, Andrew Cyrille, Ian Ballamy and John Taylor, The Living Room members each have a significant presence on the international music scene. As a collective they form an interlocking unit on this recording done at the legendary Rainbow Studios in Oslo.